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PMC Journal: David Bowie

If it wasn’t for Roger Moore, we could have seen David Bowie playing Max Zorin in James Bond. Adam Hay-Nicholls explains…

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GQ: The Bono-approved Fiat 500 (RED) edition is here

Last century, Fiat built cars symbolic of Italy’s economic boom. Now, it’s building cars to beat pandemics – with a little bit of help from U2’s Bono.

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Sabotage Times: F1 Teams as Bands


Being a Formula One driver is a bit like being a rockstar, except for a stricter diet. A driver is only as good as the team around him. You’ve got the chief race engineer on lead guitar, software technicians on keyboards, the spokesperson on backing vocals and the mechanics making up the rhythm section. So which band would a grand prix team be? Continue reading

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