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City AM Bespoke: Mexico’s Art Hotels


Luxury boutique hotels are celebrating Mexico’s artistic heritage and architectural prowess, writes Adam Hay-Nicholls.

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Intersection: Election Drive

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You don’t need me to tell you that the 2016 US presidential election was the most bitter, divided and downright ugly of any living person’s lifetime. Yet despite this, with 41.6 percent of eligible voters not casting a ballot, the winner wasn’t Donald Trump, it was apathy. But I did my bit. I may not have the right to vote in America, but I did my darndest to uphold democracy in the land of the free by borrowing a Bentley and driving people to the polls. Continue reading

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Intersection: Lewis Hamilton – “There’s life after F1, don’t worry about me”


There’s a lot more to Lewis Hamilton than being the fastest driver in the world. He talks exclusively to Adam Hay-Nicholls. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Dress Code

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Luxury fashion and accessories brands stand at the gates of a new era that’s going to change the way we shop and consume. Adam Hay-Nicholls investigates 3D printing and how it’s already part of our daily lives. Continue reading

Lotus Magazine: Revolutionary Road


A sleek aristocratic redhead zipped in skintight leather, she was the hottest thing on TV. The Avengers’ Emma Peel had pulses racing in the 1960s, but for her own thrills she turned to the Lotus Elan. Continue reading

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