Adam Hay-Nicholls has a network of technical crew, line producers, directors and distribution agents in the USA and Europe.

–       360: AROUND THE WORLD Writer and Executive Producer

In March 2010 Adam Hay-Nicholls accompanied a father-and-son crew aboard a private jet to set a new world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the earth. The thrilling 57 hour 54 minute mission was punctuated by 11 refuelling stops and a volcano that threatened to derail the whole event. Hay-Nicholls led a Hollywood-based film crew, featuring on screen. The hour-long documentary premiered in Moscow on October 12 2010 at the historic Xudozhestvennii movie theatre, before playing to industry insiders at the Culver City Theatre, Los Angeles, on November 17 2010.

The film can be viewed online here.


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