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Red Bulletin: The Debutant

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“When you’ve never driven an F1 car before and after two laps you’re taking Eau Rouge flat, well… I couldn’t believe it.”

Andrea de Cesaris trails off. And it’s not from embarrassment, because while some might find it hard to take – you’ve competed in 160 grands prix and suddenly there’s this kid who you’ve never heard of and the only experience he has to his name is 20 laps of Silverstone three days ago, and now your race engineer is showing you telemetry which confirms the new boy is quicker than you, and it’s Friday and not even lunchtime yet – Andrea feels no bitterness. Just sheer admiration and a sense of pride that he was there. Andrea was Michael Schumacher’s first Formula One team-mate and he knew he would be dining out on that story for the rest of his life. Continue reading

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