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City AM Bespoke: If responsibility is sexy then this Volvo is Alexander Skarsgård


The Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription feels incredibly Swedish, in the best possible sense; classy and restrained, with a hint of noir about it. If a forensic psychologist arrived at your door in one of these, investigating the murder of your business associate, you would be very worried indeed. Continue reading

City AM Bespoke: First Love

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 16.37.27

You may love many cars in a lifetime, but you only ever have one first love. For Adam Hay-Nicholls, it was an Aston Martin. Continue reading

City AM Bespoke: Muscle Stimulant


Most cars are born to be forgotten. The Daewoo Matiz, for example, is a perfectly serviceable hatchback but it’ll never be passed down the generations or wind up on display at the V&A. Cult cars are a rarity but the Ford Mustang is definitely on the list. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Teutonic Talent

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 16.25.44.png

The Porsche 911 is often described as the best all-round sports car on the planet. Is the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabrio the best of all? Adam Hay-Nicholls gets to grips with a German icon. Continue reading

City AM Bespoke: Norman Conquest

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Foreboding skies, bracing wind and incessant rain set the scene for my drive along the Normandy coast, but the rolling of thunder you hear is the gargle of my Bentley Mulsanne Speed. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Driving It Home

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Classic cars are not only sexier than stocks and shares, they’re the ultimate high performance investment. Continue reading

City AM Bespoke: Grace Over Fire

New Quattroporte GTS GranSport_rear-1.jpg

The subtle Maserati Quattroporte GTS may hide its light under a bushel, but make no mistake; this is a four-door Ferrari. Adam Hay-Nicholls sweeps through France in the most aristocratic of super saloons. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Bigger Mac

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.55.25.png

The McLaren 650S is the connoisseur’s supercar. It makes commonplace Ferraris look like high-street imposters, writes Adam Hay-Nicholls. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Back to its Roots

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.49.41.png

BMW returns the company to what it does best with the M235i Coupe , writes Adam Hay-Nicholls: a simple, fast, fun two-door that could very well be the ultimate driving machine. Continue reading

City AM Bespoke: Polo with an Italian Stalion


Where to take a thoroughbred Ferrari for a weekend? Ascot’s Coworth Park will stable your prancing horse. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: The Cat that got the Full-Fat Cream


A limousine with the heart of a prize-fighter: Adam Hay-Nicholls slips behind the wheel of Jaguar’s sportiest CEO-wagon, the XJR-L. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Speed of Light


Adam Hay-Nicholls reports from the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, where three of the boldest supercars created a big bang. Continue reading

City AM Bespoke: Modern Elegance


The Mall, leading up to Buckingham Palace, is no stranger to pomp and circumstance. On a weekday in September, to celebrate the opening of the St James’s Concours of Elegance, 61 of the world’s rarest and most desirable motors made their way around the Victoria Memorial and into the grounds of royal residence Marlborough House. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Grand Cayman


Porsche’s beefed-up baby might just be the best all-round real-world sports car, writes Adam Hay-Nicholls. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: You’ve gotta Rolls with it

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 18.38.36.png

With a sense of occasion that only a Rolls-Royce can provide, Adam Hay-Nicholls says the debonair Wraith coupe is unlike anything he’s driven before. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Mercedes’ Maglev


For their flagship two-door, the S-Class Coupe, Mercedes-Benz have unleashed a machine that throws itself into corners like a tilting train and boasts Swarovski crystals in its headlights. Adam Hay-Nicholls cruises in the car that’s on every oligarch’s wishlist. Continue reading

City AM Bespoke: Perfect Gentleman


It’s the tail-end of dusk in Devon and silence is broken. Thundering down the twisting A382 from Exeter to Chagford, an ancient tin-mining town set on the upper reaches of southern England’s most rugged terrain, Dartmoor, the Aston Martin darts into a private road. Its V12 echoes through a dark tunnel of trees, then skimming by millimeters the edges of a stone bridge as the supercar winds its way up to Gidleigh Park. Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Scarlet Letter

F12berlinetta Active Brake Cooling detail.jpg

Ferrari’s F12 will hit 100km/h in the time it takes to read this intro, writes Adam Hay-Nicholls.
Continue reading

Asia Tatler: Intelligent Sophistication

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 17.49.30.png

The new generation of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship S-Class is as revolutionary as its predecessors, writes Adam Hay-Nicholls, and literally drives itself while giving you a back massage. Continue reading

City AM: Bentley Does It


Majestic cruiser or gentleman’s racer? Our man slips behind the wheel of the most powerful Bentley yet and hits the Riviera. Continue reading